About Jerk an Tingz

A Jamiacan Experience

jerk an tingz jamiacan restaurant pop up tent outisde of 507 taproom in yelm washington

About Us

Jerk an Tingz is a Jamaican restaurant pop-up kitchen that started in January 2022. We realized there wasn’t any Jamaican restaurant in or around my community, so we were determined to change that by providing authentic Jamaican food. Jerk an Tingz specializes in Jerk chicken, but we also have other Jamaican dishes like curried chicken, rice and peas, and plantains. We’re open for your next event. Jerk an Tingz is family-friendly, and we welcome people of all ages. 

fresh grown produce in jamaica
tevin campbell, jerk an tingz chef, bbqing jerk chicken in their catering pop up kitchen outside of 507 taproom in yelm washington.

Meet Tevin

Growing up in the countryside of Jamaica in a community known for farming, I was raised by my grandmother. She was known for cooking meals you could smell from a mile away. I never asked her to teach me to cook, but I always watched her every move. Every time I visited my relatives, I would sit in the kitchen and watch them cook; I intended to be first in line when the food was ready. Safe to say, it became a habit, but at the same time, I was unintentionally learning to master my own craft, which I would later discover. At age 15, I made my first meal, Curry Chicken and white Rice. It was a  success, my family loved it! I started to cook more often and invite friends and family over to eat. Two years later, I worked in a restaurant so I could develop my skills in cooking professionally. The pay wasn’t good, but the experience was more valuable. One year later, I started farming both crops and live stocks. My goal was to open a Jamaican restaurant and not worry about the quality of my produce and where it was coming from.

Contact Us

Please let us know the needs of your next event and we will contact you back as soon as possible.